10 tips to find staff when the unemployment rate is low

A low unemployment rate has a direct impact on finding new staff. If you’ve advertised a role and are not getting a high calibre response, this is often the reason why.  Good people are in jobs.  In a tight job market, here are tips to help ensure you find the best staff:

  1. Start with a focused well written job ad (easier to write if you have a well written job description). Think about a past or current Star employees attributes/skills and experience which made them successful in their role and mimic in your ad
  2. Make your ad stand out by describing your company culture, vision and any added benefits. Did you know parking is one of the top things candidates ask recruiters? If you offer onsite parking – say so
  3. Think about headhunting using your network, social media (Linkedin) or a third party such as a trusted agency
  4. Check the salary is on point with current market trends
  5. Phone screen before meeting in person and Google the applicant – you might be surprised with what you find…does this fit with your company ethos?
  6. Invest in psychometric/personality and computer testing to ensure you get the right fit and level of competency required for the role
  7. In person interview – this is a biggie with a wide range of questions to ask, however there are ultimately, 3 questions you need to know:
    – Have they got the skills, expertise, experience or aptitude to perform the job?
    – Will they fit in to your team culture and company?
    – Are they enthusiastic and keen on the job?
  8. Set a clear expectation from the outset and explain how their performance will be measured in the role
  9. Always complete verbal reference checks with previous employers, this is a non negotiable
  10. Present the job offer quickly – in the current job market, top candidates are getting multiple job offers. A delay of 1 week could mean you’d miss out on your ideal candidate and have to start the process all over again


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