I hate recruiting staff – It’s such a headache!

We often get told by clients that one of the worst parts of their role is the advertising and selection of new staff and the pitfalls that go along with this essential part of being in business, often it is the fear of selecting the wrong person for a role and then the long and often expensive procedure of moving them on.

The time spent reading through CV’s and the risk of getting what could be called CV fatigue after the first 10 or 15, you can run the risk of missing a potentially great candidate especially if their CV is one of the later ones you read and while no one knows the skills and aptitude required for the role better than you – sometimes you have to ask yourself, “is this the best use of my time?”.

Often clients say that they enjoy meeting the candidates they have selected but they question their ability to ask the right questions, to filter out their own unconscious bias and to really know if indeed they are hearing either the truth or what is being left out from a candidates answers, not all candidates are honest!

There are a lot of companies that get this process right most of the time but very few ever sit down and look at the time spent and the hours away from someone’s core role that have been taken up in the process and the risks around getting it wrong.

A lot of the companies we deal with have horror stories of dealing with agencies but to be fair most of us have similar stories from a whole range of industries, mechanics, plumbers, retail to name a few. For most of us we also have stories of wonderful service and ethical companies which unfortunately we don’t seem to share those as much.

A good agency that prides itself on building relationships and putting its clients’ needs first will save you time.  It will get the selection process right so you only see the best candidates, working together not just until you make a decision but afterwards as the new employee settles in to their new role. Outsourcing your recruitment will save you money, time and sleepless nights.

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